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Resources for Academic Achievement or REACH is the university's centralized academic support unit for undergraduates REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) cultivates a learner-centered experience for undergraduate success by empowering students to take an active and collaborative role in their learning through personalized and structured tutoring, study groups, intervention courses, and workshops. These experiences, as well as our commitment to professional development, foster critical skills and mindsets that enable students to achieve their goals, experience academic success, and prepare them to thrive in diverse work environments. REACH serves as a national model for 21st century learning centers through the delivery of flexible and innovative academic support services and technologies that enhance student learning outcomes, retention and graduation rates, and institutional partnerships.

Since its creation in 2000, REACH has evolved into a large and complex academic support unit at the university. They offer: structured study sessions and tutoring for 100, 200, and some 300 level undergraduate courses; peer mentoring for 3500+ students including first-years, transfers, veterans, TRIO, Latino/a, Cardinal Covenant, and other select groups; seminars on student success topics, computer science, and computer usage; intervention courses in mathematics and reading; and much more!


  • Provide high quality, comprehensive, and impactful academic services that support a diverse undergraduate population.
  • Assist students in transitioning and adapting to the college environment.
  • Continuously measure and assess the efficacy of our services in order to improve the impact on student success.
  • Promote high standards for hiring and development of professional and paraprofessional employees.

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